I have received so many wonderful awards, and enjoyed them so much, that I have decided to create some awards of my own. I would like to honor all of the fantastic webpages I've seen with one of these awards.

The Fantasy Award Faerie was drawn by a wonderful artist, my friend, Suzanne Keefer. The Spirit of the Fae Award graphic is by artist Ida Rintoul Outhwaite.

I have a new award to give...The Magical Site Award.
This graphic came from a greeting card I have - artist unknown.

You can submit your own site or another site you feel is deserving.
I will visit all sites and make my decisions. If your site is chosen
you will be notified by email. I will choose a winner for each award
once per week. All winners please provide a link back to Faerie Song
at http://www.faeriesong.com

All sites must be friendly to the Fae and suitable for all ages to view.

To qualify for the Fantasy Award your site must be related to the Fantasy Realm in some way.

Any site can win the Spirit of the Fae Award or the Magical Site Award, if it is a positive and friendly site.

To qualify for any of the awards it helps if:
  • Your site fascinates me and makes me want to come back
    again and again!
  • You sign my guestbook (I love it when you sign my guestbook!)

    To apply for my awards
    just send me an email with the following information:

  • The name of site nominated
  • Complete URL of site nominated
  • Your name AND name of person to whom the site belongs
  • Your email address AND email address of site if different
  • If nominating someone else's site
    do you want your name mentioned
  • Which award you are applying for
  • A brief description of the site

    Apply for Award Here

    Please sign the guestbook. I love to know who has visited.

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