Magical Trees
of Faerie Song

APPLE - When harvesting apples, always leave a few on the tree for the Faeries. This will ensure bountiful harvests in the future.

ASH - The Ash is a doorway to many dimensions of the Faerie Realm. If you stand in the shadow of an Ash tree you can avoid the tricks of mischievous Faeries. Ash twigs make wonderful wands.

BLACKTHORN - Blackthorn can be used to release children held captive by the Faeries. You must make a fire of thorns on the peak of a Faerie hill. Your children will then be returned.

HAWTHORN - This tree represents hope. Like all thorn trees, the Hawthorn is a sacred meeting place for Faeries.

HOLLY - Holly represents enduring life and foresight. Decorating your home with branches of Holly and berries delights the Faeries. The Faeries will reward you with good fortune!

MOUNTAIN ASH (ROWAN) - If a Rowan tree grows in your garden, then your home and all who live there, will be under the special protection of the Faeries.

OAK - The Oak tree has the powers of peace, protection and hospitality. An acorn hung around your neck will protect you from harm.

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