Faerie Song's
Treasure Room

There are so many wonderful people who have given me gifts and also many places where you can win wonderful treasures that I wanted to make a special place for all of them. Here it is...my Treasure Room!

Thank you Pixies Meadow for these beautiful gifts!

I did! And I enjoyed every minute of it : )

A beautiful gift from Morning Glory - Angel of Light.

Thank you Moonwater. This is beautiful!

Thank you Cathie!

Look at the wonderful things I found at Wandering Faerie's Place!

I danced at Enia's Place!

Thank you for the beautiful gift Fiona.

I won Fiona's Contest!

Thank you Fairy Firefly for this beautiful gift.

LunaStar, Thank you for the Wishstar!

Thank you Wandering Faerie.

This Award is from Kala at Castle Shyla and was presented
to me for fighting the Evil Neson and saving the Castle!

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