Midsummer Eve Spell
for Seeing the Faeries

You will need a crown twisted from oak leaves, rosemary, and pink and white roses. Take only what you need from each tree or bush and bless them for their gifts.

Seek out a quiet spot, secluded and lovely, where all of summer surrounds you. Build a small fire encirled by stones. Burn nine pine cones and some incense in the fire for the Goddess of Fortune.

When twilight comes and the stars are twinkling brightly, it is time to begin dancing around the fire. Listen to your heart and the Faeries will inspire you to dance the magical dance of the woods, the stars, the fire, the night.

When you have grown tired from dancing, sit down in a comfortable spot and gaze intently upon the fire. Feed the fire so that it springs to life. Look into the fire and ask the King of the Elves and the Queen of the Woods to be with you. If you keep a faithful heart and be still you will see them dancing among the trees and you will feel their spirit surround you.

When the fire is done, leave your crown and say clearly, "This is for the Faeries." On this night your dreams will be touched by the magic of the night and the Faeries.

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