So You Want To
See The Faeries!

The Realm of the Faeries invites our inner child to come out and play. Anyone who wishes to see the Faeries must be willing to see through the eyes of a child and smile at the unexplainable. Most of all you must Believe!*!

This is my gift to all of the Believers who visit my Realm.

Please take this gift and spread the word...I believe in Faeries*~*~*

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Life is a Faerie Tale, a personal myth that is written each day as we live, journey and explore. There are so many phenomenal things to experience. Never let yourself become so wrapped up in your daily routine that you become seperated from the adventure or your own personal Fantasy World. It is in the innocence of belief that the Faeries show themselves. Follow your heart and you will receive the gift of seeing the Faeries.

I have listed some information which may help you on your journey to see the Faeries.

Faerie Days and Hours

Midsummer's Eve Spell

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