Welcome to all who enter my Realm.

I am Faerie Song - Protector of the Lady Morion's Castle and the Dark Crystal.

I know that I may look small, but don't let that fool you! I have my trusty dragon friend Foster by my side at all times.

Foster the Dragon

Foster was adopted from "The Dark Crystal Realm". He is my faithful friend and Protector of Morion's home and the Dark Crystal. He also protects me! *smile* Foster's name means "Keeper of the Woods"... He truly is the Keeper of the Dark Woods of Morion!

This is Mollana. She is a caretaker of the Dark Woods. She is a Woodnymph and had been adopted from "The Dark Woods of Morion".

Woodnymph Mollana

Woodnymphs can be very dangerous, but we have treated Mollana very well and she helps us in our quest. Sometimes, if an enemy tries to approach Morion's Castle through The Dark Woods, Mollana will turn herself into the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. She will seduce the enemy and hold him captive so he can do Morion no harm. In return for her services we share our food with her and give her small gifts to show our appreciation!

This beautiful Faerie was adopted from "The Dark Woods of Morion". Her name is Faerie Brigid and she lives deep within the Dark Woods. She loves to come out at night and dance under the moonlit sky.

Faerie Brigid

Beware if you see her dancing...she will try to convince you to join her. It would be a wonderful dance, but when you returned to your home many, many years would have passed by in what seemed like minutes!

Faerie Brigid loves Lady Morion and Faerie Song. Sometimes she helps them by inviting their enemies to dance with her. By the time they escape her Faerie Ring they are too old to attack the Castle or attempt to steal the Dark Crystal. In return for her services we work hard to keep the Dark Woods of Morion a safe place for Faeries!

This little Troll is Doldrum. He lives under a big uprooted tree in The Dark Woods. He was adopted from "The Dark Woods of Morion". He has a big family there and most of them are not very nice to humans. We have charmed Doldrum and he helps us in our quest to protect the Lady Morion.

Troll Doldrum

Sometimes, if an enemy wanders through the Dark Woods looking for Lady Morions Castle, Doldrum will capture them and bring them home to his family for dinner!*! We reward Doldrum and his family with a gold or silver piece when they help us. It is worth it to keep the Trolls on our side. If you are ever coming through the Dark Woods beware of the Troll. If you meet one be very polite and tell them you are a friend of Lady Morion. It wouldn't hurt to give them a gold piece too!

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