I would like to introduce Ula - Jewel of the Sea.
She watches over my awards.
She came to Faerie Song from Angel.

Thank you to everyone who has given Faerie Song an Award.
I am so proud of all of them.

Thank you Virrivonkis, for this wonderful award*~*~*~*

Thank you very much for this beautiful award Veronica*~*~*~*

Thank you Lonewolf. This Award is truly an honor*~*~*~*

Thank you Morning Glory for these two beautiful Awards!

Thank you Julie. What a wonderful surprise*~*~*~*

Thank you LunaStar for this beautiful Smiling Moon Award.

Thank you Lace. I'm off to see the Wizard!*!*

Thank you LadyIce for this awesome Award!

Thank you Jen for this Nifty Award*~*~*~*

Thank you Maya for this beautiful Star Award.

Thank you SommerKiss for this wonderful surprise!

Thank you Debra, what a wonderful surprise!

Thank you Lady in Black for this wonderful surprise!

Thank you Miss Mouse for this Magical Award.

Thank you Janice for this Awesome Award.

Thank you Dottie for this LOTH Golden Angel.

Thank you Connie, what a wonderful surprise.

Thank you Beryl and Aleesha for this beautiful Award.
What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you MistyLady for these two beautiful awards.
What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you Linda.

Thank you Wildflower, for this honorable award.

Thank you Sir Lancelot, for this prestigious award.

Thank You Maisy for the Magical Site award
and I am truly honored to receive your Award of Excellence.

Thank You Tiffany for this Heavenly Award.

Thank You D~Mentia. I love all my pets!

Isn't this a beautiful award!

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