Magical Herbs and Fungi
of Faerie Song

BASIL - Wherever Basil grows there is usually a Dragon to be found, serving as protector of the Realm.

RAGWORT (ST. JOHN'S WORT) - The Ragwort is the Faeries favorite way to travel. They say the magic words and the Ragworts uproot themselves and become Faerie steeds.

SELF HEAL - This plant is used by the Faeries to care for all creatures in their realm.

When little Elves have cut themselves,
Or Mouse has hurt her tail,
Or Froggies arm has come to harm,
This herb will never fail.
The Faeries skill can cure each ill
And soothe the sorest pain;
She'll bathe and bind, and soon they'll find
That they are well again.

A poem by Cicely Mary Barker

THYME - When used as a bedtime fragrance, Thyme draws the Wee Folk into your sleeping chambers.

TOADSTOOL - Toadstools and Mushrooms represent magic and temptation. They are thought to be a creation of the Faeries. If you see a ring of mushrooms, BEWARE!! This would mark the Faeries favorite dancing spot. If you are lured in you may spend eternity there!

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