Meet the Musical Faeries


Spiritoso is a musical term which means animated and with spirit. This little Faerie certainly lives up to her name as she flutters around the Faerie Realm! She will always have a dance for you!


This Faerie is the essence of Grace. Her name says it all! She does have a seemingly effortless beauty and charm. In music we have grace notes which can sometimes be an embellishment such as a trill. They are little notes added as ornaments to give a graceful effect.

Artist: Stephen Mackey


This little lad of the Faerie Realm is the picture of adagio. Adagio is a musical term meaning slow and at leisure. Adagio doesn't seem to have a problem living up to his name! He is napping in the cowslips. These flowers are loved and protected by the Faeries. They usually grow near hidden Faerie gold. I bet you that Adagio has hidden some gold near here. Maybe we can find it...or maybe we should just lay down and take a Faerie nap with him.

Artist: Jane Breskin Zalben

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