Magical Flowers
of Faerie Song

This is Faerie Bryony. She will guide you through the Magical Flowers. If you have any questions just ask her.

Artist: Jamichael Henterly

BLUEBELL - The bluebells represent constancy and kindness. Kindness is very important to the Faeries. Faeries are summoned to their midnight dances by the ringing of these tiny flowers. Bluebells are said to be the most potent of all Faerie flora. They are also called Warning Bells because to venture into a Bluebell glade is to find yourself in a place of concentrated Faerie magic and enchantment.

CHICORY - Chicory has many magical powers. If carried with you it can make you invisible or bring you luck. It is said that Chicory can open any lock.

CROCUS - Crocuses have the power to inspire love, but be careful collecting them as they may drain your strength.

DAISY - The Daisy is a favorite flower of the Wood Nymphs. Simply sitting among these flowers invites contact with them. If you simmer a quantity of daisy roots until well reduced and drink the potion, you will grow very small.

FORGET-ME-NOT - The Forget-Me-Not is a symbol of love and devotion. These flowers have the power to open the way to Faerie treasures. If you place the flowers against a mountainside where the treasure is hidden you can watch the secret cavern walls open for you.

FOXGLOVE - The Foxglove flowers are worn by Faeries as hats and gloves. The little flecks on the flowers are the Faerie's fingerprints. It is considered unlucky to pick these flowers and bring them inside, but the Faeries would be delighted if you would grow them in your garden!

GARDENIA - This flower can help to increase your telepathic abilities with all of the Nature Spirits. It is also known to provide protection and is good to have growing where children play.

HAREBELLS - Harebells inspire honesty. The person wearing them will find it impossible to lie.

HEATHER - This flower represents good fortune and solitude. Heather thrives in wide open spaces, and Faeries who enjoy living undisturbed are said to feast on its stalks.

MARIGOLD - A bit of Marigold jam taken at breakfast will allow you to see the Faeries.

PANSY - The Pansy represents joy and remembrance. These flowers bloom from spring til snowfall and are used by the Faeries as a love potion.

PERIWINKLE - Periwinkles have the power to inspire love. If a married couple share a feast of Periwinkle leaves, their love for each other will be rekindled.

PRIMROSE - This flower has the power to reveal the invisible. Consume them and you will see the Faeries. The pathway to the Faerie Realm can be opened by touching a Faerie Rock with the correct number of Primroses. Beware, for if the number is wrong it will be the door of doom that opens for you!

SNAPDRAGON - Conceal the Snapdragon secretly on your person to appear gracious and fascinating. It will also protect you from deceit and curses.

VIOLET - The Violet is sacred to all Faeries, especially the Queen. Gathering the first Violet in the spring will bring you luck and a wish come true from the Faerie Realm.

WHITE LOTUS - Some believe that the Lotus flowers are Nymphs in disguise. If a lady carries the flower they can counter the effects of unwanted love potions.

NOTE: All white flowers have supernatural powers because they are inhabited by Moon Spirits that appear under a full moon.

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