Faerie Poems

I am honored to introduce Thalia...Guardian of my Poetry Page.
She is such an elegant lady. She loves Faerie Poems.

Thalia came to me from Amanda's Guardians. Thank you Amanda.

Meet Fairy Gwenddydd. She loves poetry!

She came from Angel's Faerie Adoptions.

Here are some poems I've written when I've been
inspired by the Faeries. Please let me know if you like them.



I am waiting for the starlight
to shine in through my window
and I am waiting for the moonbeams
to light upon my cheek.

I am waiting for the Faerie Folk
to visit me this spring
and I am waiting for for the chance to dance
with them upon the Faerie Hill.

I am waiting for the lillies to bloom
in all their glory
and I am waiting for the summer breeze
to warm my chilled soul.

I am waiting for the leaves to turn
their brilliant shades of color
and I am perpetually awaiting
another change of season
to bring joy to my heart.



I have put a couple of banshees here to guard the poems!
They are Patrick and Amarylis.



The Faeries sit...
they're watching us.
They are so quiet
we dare not fuss.
They do not want us
to know their names.
All Faeries love
to play their games.
Eyes shining, lips whistling
which way did they run?
Try to catch the Faeries
while they're having
Faerie Fun!


Here are a couple of little Faeries looking for Fun!
Can you guess their names?!
Do you want to play their games?



Pitter Patter Pitter Patter
Which way did they run?

Pixies, Faeries, Sprites and Elves
having lots of fun.

Tease the dog...chase the kitty
Spill your milk...Oh, what a pity!

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter
Which way did they go?

Pixies, Faeries, Sprites and Elves...
we may never know.


Some Faeries from have joined us for some Faerie Fun!

Faerie Fun



The little Sprite is so petite
her eyes a bright sky blue.

She's got little tiny dancing feet
she's peeking right at you.


These darling glowyrms will keep the light on for you!

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