Meet the Musical Faeries


This little darling is Chime. A chime is a musical sound produced by a bell or a set of bells which sound with a harmonious ring when struck. This little wonder chimes
in all day long! Isn't she so pretty dancing in the flowers. I wish I could follow her there. I think I will!

Artist: Stephen Mackey


This pretty young faerie is Viola. A viola is a musical instrument of the violin family, slightly larger than a violin. A viola is tuned a fifth lower than a violin and has a deeper, richer sound. This young faerie loves to play her viola...she's taking a little break now. It's hard work practicing...more fun to faerie frolic!

Artist: Jane Breskin Zalben


Giocoso is a musical term which means humorous and playful. This little pixie is always happy and he loves to play. He is looking for a playmate. How about you?!

Artist: Jane Breskin Zalben


Faerie Tenuto is a very serious young lad. Tenuto is a musical term which means to hold a given note for its full time value. Tenuto tries and tries, but he's so young...and sometimes the song is too much to be sung. Isn't he just the sweetest thing!

Artist: Jane Breskin Zalben


These two little pixies make a wonderful duet. A duet is a pair, two performers or a musical composition for two voices or instruments. The little pixie on the left is Allegretto. Allegretto is a musical term which means a moderately lively, quick tempo. Keep your eye on her! The little pixie on the right is Encore. An encore is an extra piece (not in the program) played at a concert - usually at the audience's request. Encore loves to come back for more!

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