I would like to introduce FaeBabe Aurora. She watches over my awards.
She came to Faerie Song from Angel.

Thank you to everyone who has given Faerie Song an Award.
I am so proud of all of them.

Thank you Bright! I'm very pleased to have your wonderful award!

Thank you Mystify Me! This award is beautiful!!! I'm proud to display it here!

Thank you Jewelsparkle! I'm so glad you enjoyed my site! *~*~*~*

Dear Krista, thank you so much for all your kind words and for these beautiful awards.

Thank you Brenda! This is beautiful *~*~*~*

Thank you Mischif, for this magical award!

Thank you Friday! What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you Phantasia, for this beautiful award!

Thank you Nynaeve, for this wonderful honor!

Thank you Firefaery! I do believe!!

Thank you Celtic Faery!

Thank you for the wonderful award Elf Girl!

Thank you Sprite for the beautiful Award. I love it!

Thank you Sarah for the Smooth Site Award! *S*

Thank you Lorelai for this awesome Sprite Award!

Thank you Angel Heart. This Award is so beautiful!

Thank you Chynna. This Award is awesome!

Thank you Beca. What a beautiful surprise!

Thank you Celtic Faerie for these two beautiful Awards. I love them!

Thank you Maeve for these two wonderful Awards. They are awesome!


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