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Gretchen Raisch-Baskin
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Gretchen's Bio

I grew up on a farm in the plains of Iowa in the late 1960's. A time when macrame, tie-dye and beading was even popular in rural Iowa. I admit it Ė all my life Iíve been doodling, painting and doing other artsy-craftsy dabbling. This obsession with playing in paint and making stuff began when I put my first Crayola to paper and began embellishing church hymnals or decorating otherwise white walls in our farm home.

As a child, I loved fantasy art. I collected books, note cards, stickers Ö anything I could my little hands on. It wasn't long until I started filling sketchbooks with my own Gretchendrawings. When I was 11 or 12 I fell in love with fairies, angels and unicorns. I started drawing them any chance I could. By the time I finished high school, I knew I had to take this obsession farther. I now have quite a collection of ideas, all waiting to be painted into life. I paint what I love. My inspirations are the enchanted forests where nature spirits wander, beautiful flowers that pay homage to our Earth Mother, and the luminous moon and stars above. Magic is in the tiniest things.

I attended Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa with the intention of teaching art. After a year, I discovered that teaching didnít involve enough art making for my compulsively creative nature. So, I opted for a fine art degree in drawing, painting, and printmaking. Upon completion of that degree, I began my own hand made block - printed clothing business in the late 1980ís. It was a blast! Itís been a fantastic ride ever since. My only difficulty has been deciding what to paint. I have so many ideas and I canít paint fast enough to bring them to life.

When Iím not painting I like hiking, meditation, watching movies and reading books. I had wonderful stays in Madison, Wisconsin, and Eugene, Oregon before I ended up here in Desert Hills, Arizona with my husband, Greg.

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

Gretchen's lifelong artistic passion led to a Fine Arts degree from Iowa State University, where she won numerous awards for her artwork and learned a host of techniques for drawing and painting in watercolor and acrylics. Her artwork is distributed worldwide from her studio in Desert Hills, Arizona.

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

Divine Goddess by GretchenArts
Angelic Dreams by GretchenArts
Oriental Fantasy by GretchenArts
Magical Mermaids by GretchenArts
Holiday Delights by GretchenArts
Boo! by GretchenArts
Unicorn Magic by GretchenArts
Dragon Lore by GretchenArts
Faerie Fantasy by GretchenArts
Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song
Our plates our 8-1/2" x 11" and of the
highest quality deep etched red rubber.

Untrimmed rubber ~ No cushion or mount.

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

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Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

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