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*~*~Featured Artist*~*~

Jennifer L. Nilsson

Visit Jennifer's Website ~ here

About the Artist

I am a small town girl who grew up with dreams and notions of colorful, fantastical places, much bigger and more adventuresome than the farmlands that surrounded my neighborhood...

I still live in that same small town, and while it has grown into the busy little place that I call "home", my imagination still journeys to magical realms beyond our own! Apart from that....I am the mother of two awesome teen boys, the caregiver to our adorable niece, the wife of a beautiful mountain man and a child of God, the first and best Creator or all!

And her Art

Much of the artwork I create is created in watercolor paints, colored pencils, or a combination of both. Sizes range anywhere from ACEO (2.5"x3.5") to 8"x10" - sometimes smaller but rarely larger.

My work has been collected and displayed worldwide and is licensed with several companies, with more soon to come.

To me, the MOST important part of it all is leaving the viewer with a sMiLe!

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

Mouser-kins by Jennifer L. Nilsson
Mer-Mice by Jennifer L. Nilsson
Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song
Our plates our 8-1/2" x 11" and of the
highest quality deep etched red rubber.

Untrimmed rubber ~ No cushion or mount.

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

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Rubber Art Stamps by Faerie Song

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