Newcomers to Faerie Song

Oh, I am so excited! My Chrysalis Faery has burst into life. She is a beautiful Sun Faery and I have named her Soleil. She brings summer and warmth to Faerie Song. Everyone at Faerie Song is excited about their new friends arrival. Please welcome her!
My Chrysalis Faery Get Your Own Chrysalis Faery!

These two beautiful Faerie Sisters have come to Faerie Song from Faery Hill. I am so happy to have them here.

On the left is Pelee and on the right is Meru.

Please give a very warm welcome to our new Spring Faerie Menolly.

Failte! Welcome!
I am pleased to introduce Cadhla, Mairead, and Scoithin.
They are "Si Og" and they have come from Tir Na Nog.
Cadhla is very shy. His name means handsome.
Mairead is just a baby, so sweet.
Sciothin is the big brother of this trio. His name means flower.

Look who has joined us. This is Faerie Ciamarra...she is a Fall Faerie.
Please welcome her. Thank you Angel for this wonderful Faerie.
Ciamarra has a new baby. Baby Fae Mialanni came from Angel too!

Visit Angel to get your own faerie
or to enter her weekly contest for a baby fae!

Meet these glorious little flower nymphs.
They are so sweet and full of happiness.
Their names are Luana and Delila.
They came to me from Holly's Place.

These are my New Years Babies "Pinch" and "Tickle".
Aren't they adorable! I got them from Angel.

These beautiful faeries are new here. Please welcome them.
On the left is Lady Mintinetta and on the right is Lady Tangela.

They came to me from Ladyhipoo. Thank you Ladyhipoo.


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