Meet the Musical Faeries


Pianissimo is a musical term which means to play very softly and quietly. This beautiful Faerie is very shy and quiet. She is saving her rose for the perfect visitor. Could that be you?!


Dolce is a musical term which means sweet, soft and gentle. This little elf is Dolce and she plays her flute in her tulip garden as sweet, soft and gentle as you'll ever hear! Won't you dance for her. She loves to have an audience dancing to her playful tunes.


Soprano is a musical term for the highest singing voice of a woman or young boy. It also refers to a musical part written in the range of the soprano voice. Faerie Soprano loves to sing as she dances and soars thru the Realm of Faerie Song.

Artist: Jane Breskin Zalben


This little woodland sprite is Piccolo. She is named after the small flute like instrument she plays which is pitched an octave above a regular flute. Piccolo can also be used to designate any musical instrument considerably smaller than the usual size. Our little sprite is truly Piccolo...her feet don't even reach the ground from her toadstool perch! She does play such a beautiful song.

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